About Tai



Promoted by the Late Dasho Ugen Dorji, erstwhile Chairman of the Tashi Group of Companies, the largest business house of Bhutan, we set out in May 1983 and introduced ourselves to the world as Tashi Agro Industries Private Limited, for marketing of agricultural products.

We changed our status to that of a public limited company on 6th August 1992 and also donned the new name of Tai Industries Limited on 29th March 1994. Tai Industries Limited became the Indian flagship company under the Tashi Group.

The Company started its operations in 1986 and since then it has been engaged in the marketing of the 'DRUK' brand of fruit products, manufactured by its group company - Bhutan Fruit Products Private Limited.

With a claim to an unmatched quality and taste, DRUK with its exhaustive range of packaged fruit and vegetable products such as processed fruits, vegetables, jams, squashes, pickles, fruit slices, corn flakes that have pervaded international markets, assures a day-long health regime for its consumers. Each single produce of DRUK has been acquired from the mountain slopes of Bhutan, nurtured by traditional eco-friendly agro management techniques and packaged and presented to perfection.

A vast product line up, state-of-the-art processing techniques and resolute quality control parameters has fetched for the Tashi Group of Companies a trusted brand name - DRUK. The company has a thick base of clientele across hotels, clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, bakeries and confectioners. It has won 4 prestigious MONDE INTERNATIONAL AWARD in Madrid in 1984 and 5 in Lisbon in 1985.

The other sector that Tai Industries Limited has forayed into is the marketing of mineral products, since 1988, particularly calcium carbide, ferro-silicon and charcoal, manufactured by its group companies in Bhutan.

The Company has added yet another dimension to itself by promoting JAMIPOL Limited for the production of Desulphurisation compounds, in association with the TATA Group and SKW Metalchemie GMBH, Germany.

The Company has its registered office at 53A Mirza Ghalib Street, 3rd floor, Kolkata - 700 016 and controls its marketing activity through its various branches and depots and through a chain of C&F Agency depots throughout India.